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Thread: What dog did you want as a kid

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    When I was born Mum and Dad already had a dalmatian, she passed when I was 5 and we did not get another dog until I was 10. That dog was also a dalmatian and she is still going strong at 13. If it hadn't have been for my relationship with my ex who had a gorgeous kelpie and for finding my kelpie on the side of the road I think I would always have had dalmatians.
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    As a kid i was completely obsessed with chow chow's as well! Thought they were the best..not too sure why now that i think about it :S

    I fall in love with most breeds i meet, but as a kid i was also really keen on beagles, newfs, st. bernards and cavaliers.

    Some how i ended up buying an english pointer! haha. I love big dogs but i would love to get a cavalier or cocker spaniel when i'm much older

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    Staffy s gsd or haskey and at 3 I said to mum I whant a lassie dog because I seen to meany lassie movies now it the staffies are my dog I will have for ever there the best
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