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Thread: Replace with what breed?

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    Hy, similar if not all traits to a Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog?

    Newfsie, yours could easily be a Flatcoat Retriever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Apuppyforme View Post
    Im keen tell me one for a cavoodle
    I'd be keen to try. But what are the desired traits you are looking for in a Cavoodle? Both the physical and temeparment-wise.

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    She could be stumpy tail - except she has quite a lot of tail - though that's not unheard of with stumpy tails.

    this site has quite a few substitutes but you'd have to write why you want one for us to come up with the right pure bred.
    Pantone Poodles - Poodle Info - Whats in a Doodle?

    Have you looked at a lagotto romagnolo - gorgeous dog and somewhat better behaved than your average poodle cross - but that could be something to do with its owner. The one I met was about knee high - so not sure what size they are supposed to reach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    Hy, similar if not all traits to a Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog?

    Newfsie, yours could easily be a Flatcoat Retriever.
    I agree, Tessa looks like one and is often mistaken for one........But her temperament is quite different to the lines of Flat-coats I have met. mind you that could be training too. because my newfies are quite different to some of the newfies I meet in the Show-ring. We do a lot of training (tracking, rescue work and such) and Obedience
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    Most people looking at Cavoodles I would recommend having a look at Lowchen, Havanese, or even Tibetan Terrier.

    These breeds look similar to the look promoted as how a Cavoodle looks, but more consistently. They do have variances in temperament, but that wuld depend on what a potential owner was seeking temperament-wise.

    They may carry slightly more coat than some crossbred cavoodles, but as the coats are lacking the poodle input which is so unpredictable, they would be altogether more manageable.

    If you wanted a more spaniel type or temperament the American Cockers make delightful pets.

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