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Thread: 'Oodles' 'Schnoos' 'Aliers' and 'Poos'

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    Puppy mill dogs get health checks from the pet store vets too
    Doesn't really look into the issue the puppy will have when it's older.
    As I have said, if getting a mutt, why not get one from an accidental mating or from rescue rather than filling people's pockets with money and encouraging them to keep breeding from dogs with no known heritage or bad genes?

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    BTW, the health checks look for obvious issues like cleft palette in the puppy and mange.. that's about it.
    They will treat worms and fleas if they have them (often the case with puppy mills and BYBers) and then give them the tick of approval.
    It's much different to the health checks on adult breeding dogs of pure bred breeders.

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    I really feel like this is going in circles.. the same things have been repeated over and over.
    Considering just closing it now.. all questions have been asked and answered a dozen times.

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    opening the thread for some relevant information

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    You used to be indecisive Pugger, but now you just can't make up your mind?

    Sounds like me... :P

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    LOL V&F and I had a discussion and I am hoping to have part of it posted here very soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    Pretty sure they can get pregnant to 2 different dogs at the same time too..well not at the exact same time, but yeh have a litter to both at the same time LOL
    Yes I fully agree with that, because each ovum can get fertilised by a different sperm...Possible to be more than 2 dogs even.

    I have rung my friendly vet, he is a friend..... he agrees with me, not possible. he did tell me that it it is a historical old wife's tale, still pushed around by a lot of Breeders. I am still trying to find something on the web, going either luck. only my trusty old books here, How to Breed dogs, Leon E Whitney and the anatomy of dog breeding, plus a few others

    I can only find Leerburg in a Q&A saying the same thing, but it won't cut and paste
    Pets are forever

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    See I didn't just pull it out of my bum LOL

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    Nah, Natty, Pugger just wanted to clarify some info;

    If a bitch is mated to more than one dog during one heat, the offspring thrown can be from two different sires... And thus be genetically different.

    However, this will not impact future litters. Assuming the bitch is then bred to a single male in a subsequent heat, the offspring will only contain genetic material from the current sire.

    I suspect the 'ruining the bitch for later litters' is an old wives tale to discourage inter breed breeding. Obviously, if one is a registered breeder, then a) it is NOT a good look to be cross breeding and b) Is HIGHLY likely to negatively impact a breeders reputation for future pure breed matings/ obtaining a sire of good standing.

    Hope that clarifies for everyone.

    Linky for reference: Leerburg Dog Training | 16,000 pages of dog training information, 300 free streaming videos, DVDs and Free Dog Training ebooks

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    Thanks V&F and also newsfie.

    Now unless there is something we have NOT discussed in the thread I am closing it. If there is something new, a new thread can be started

    Thanks everyone

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