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Thread: Neighbours dog just does not SHUT UP!

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    Default Neighbours dog just does not SHUT UP!

    When they are out he just goes goes goes goes. It is bloody annoying.

    We noticed it when we first moved in but usually someone is home and comes out an dtells him to shut up. Or I often see him stealing towels off their pool fence to keep himself busy.

    I thought it would be kinda handy coz it would make our dogs look positively angelic.

    I dont usually know what he is like during the working day as I am at work but today I came home from work, and me, the OH, the kid and my sister were trying to chill out down by the pool and the dog just would not shut up, for like two hours.

    The OH resorted to throwing small bits of mud out of the garden over the fence as a distraction technique (gave him something to sniff) which worked quite well for a while LOL.

    Anyway it was a bit of a joke so I am going to go round there in the weekend (providing I can find the house - they are over th eback) and just let them know that when they are out, their dog barks constantly and then mybe they can put him inside or something.....

    I thnkthey know what he is like though as when they are home they are always out there telling him to shut up.

    Hes just gorgeous and quite a funny dog...but highly annoying.

    OK rant over LOL

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    My neighbours dog gets the hose full bore when he does my head in some days.
    If i have some skanky bones that are starting to smell a bit i'll give him them if i'm feeling nice. Both methods shut him up and the owner is cool with it.

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    Incessant barking sucks! And it sounds like this dog is doing it out of boredom, if he is that easily distracted by bits of mud. And it may be hard to get the owner to do something about it because you'd basically have to make them admit that they're not giving their dog what they need and need to step up.

    We had a dog next door who would bark non stop at night if her owners where out. But nothing would distract her, so I think the problem was more separation anxiety than boredom.

    Good luck with talking to the owners.

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