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    We are getting a new puppy on the third of jan!

    I have a 2.5 yr old son, he will be in daycare that week, which is good. We will pick the puppy up in the morning and it willk have the day to look around and get to know where his things are etc.
    Then my toddler will come home!

    Any tips on keeping them both calm? We are crate training, and oli knows not to go in the crate, or eat out of the dog bowl , and we have been role playing gentle patting. My plan is to have the dog with me or in his crate, never to leave him unsupervised.

    Can anyone tell me about how it went introducing a new puppy to small kids?


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    Puppy are great pets but that can be nouty you have to read before you bry one its not as easy as it looks puppies are just kids on fore legs smart loving and some times. Just little goofballs funny too but you have to know how to care for them love them and feed them
    But over all thay are fun to be around

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    Oh with me it was like two pes in a pod me and my old dog use to get in to so much trouble my girl safed my life too.

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    Dont stress too much is my advice. If your toddler gets a bit rough, stop them but dont make too big a fuss about it....and vice versa.

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    There are some very interesting articles on the net about not magnetizing your dog and child. Well worth reading, just google not magnetizing dogs and kids and some articles come up.

    There is also a site again interesting reading.

    It's all commonsense and I agree with not building the dog/puppy up as something special afterall you would draw your child's attention to an expensive vase in the house or encourage him to run his fingers all over an expensive car.

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    keep excitement to a min, let them approach each other on there own terms and good on you for practicing

    I don't know if you done this already but practice with another real dog with the pating

    Watch this video's it's full of info that I think will help you

    must watch Training video's
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    And seeing you do not have your puppy are two FREE download E-books to read

    Free Downloads | Dog Star Daily

    With kids and puppies you have to take each as individuals, some kids are naturally gently and some little ones are rough. The same goes for the puppies. And some puppies just get excited easily. i have one young dog, who was really gentle with kids. And we were able to have her around kids. but i have met little puppies who are just full of energy and love to nip/bite.

    So what you have to do will depend on the situation you have.

    Allowing your little one to meet well trained happy dogs now, to be able to pet, would be great too. And to teach how to pet/stroke. Though that is quite difficult at that age That is what I use my Katy for all the time, she is and has been always very gentle with kids, even if they are rough.
    Pets are forever

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    I already had my old dog when my daughter was born. Even though she was so used to the dog, the toddler years were a bit tricky. They just can come up with some crazy ideas out of the blue at that age, so supervision is indeed vital. And be a broken record when it comes to enforcing the rules.

    By 2.5, my daughter did know how to approach and interact with dogs we met outside. I had drilled it in to her from the moment she could walk and talk. She is 6 now and I still watch her carefully when she approaches someone else's dog and will tell her off in no uncertain terms if I notice she does not respond appropriately to the dog's body language. This only happens if there are other kids around and she wants to show off her dog whispering skills.

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