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Thread: Dobermanns - what are they like?

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    Default Dobermanns - what are they like?

    Hi All,

    My partner and I will probably be looking at getting another dog next year... he grew up with 2 Dobermanns and is super keen for a female Dobe if we get another dog, I've met a couple but don't really 'know' any. Just thought I'd ask everyone here what their experience with Dobes are? I have done a lot of reading up on them but I'd like to know peoples personal experiences with them as well.

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    Dobes are.... Great dogs!

    Highly intelligent and active, they require both mental and physical stimulation. They are less active than some of the gun dogs and working breeds, but you do need to be prepared for a dog who needs plenty of time spent on obedience training and outdoor activity.

    They're suitable for most sports like agility, flyball, obedience, tracking- whatever takes your fancy.

    They are very people oriented and make exceedingly poor 'backyard ornaments'. As they are short coated, be aware you will either need to have your Dobe inside, or provide a warm, sheltered kennel.

    I have one 'show' (or conformation) male, and a 'working' female. The differences between the lines is noticeable. The male is very, very handsome, but structurally I believe the working lines to be more hardy and stable. Both are super smart, but in exceedingly different ways.

    I wouldn't recommend a Dobe for an inexperienced handler, they have the capacity to be quite a handful for the inexperienced. They can be horrendously destructive if understimulated, and are powerful enough to be problematic if you don't put in the work.

    IMHO the conformation lines in Australia are riddled with stupid breeding and temperament issues (anxiety/ flank sucking/ self harming/ potentially fear aggressive), but the working lines are still quite good.

    Please feel free to PM me if you have a breeder in mind, I may be able to advise, or if you'd like some recommendations/ introductions.

    Are you in Vic? The Dobe Club here is very good and worth coming to some of their events to meet breeders, owners (and dogs!!) for more information.

    I simply adore the breed, and luckily they suit me and my lifestyle perfectly.

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    Love them!!

    They are currently sitting at the top of my want list.

    When I was a kid my dad had a dobe called Tim LOL. He was a big dopey bugger, and just a charmer.

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    My friends last two dogs were Dobermans and they were fantastic dogs, in fact beau the later of the two was the biggest suck you could ever meet, he was awesome.

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    What are they like? Our is:

    Loveable to the EXTREME
    quiet except when it counts
    will steall your knickers and or socks from the clothes hamper
    will and has chewed and destoyed shoes and toys

    When my DH said lets get one I protested WIlDLY, horrible nasty beasts was my cry. Then I researched and researched. They are 'velcro' dogs. They stick to you and your family like glue, well ours does. We have a 6 year old, once the pecking order was established, and we did have tears while this went on, all was good. She is a big dog and we are VERY careful when she is with our daughter and especially when she has friends over. Gigha tends to think new friends should be below her and trys it on, we soon fix that!

    She is rebellious at times but I find her no trouble compared to our previous dogs, two GSD's. They were noisy and full on. She is quiet and energetic but just not quiet as exhuasting.

    She sleeps inside the house in her crate, after watching TV with us. During the day while we are at work she is in her run (see my album) she has done this since a pup and so is fine with it.

    Right this very second her and my daughter are 'wrestling' in the bedroom. All I can hear is giggling.

    She is wonderful. oh, and GOOFY!


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    A good mate of mine rescued a 3 year old called 'Zues'.

    He settled in really quickly and was one of the highlyest trained dogs i have ever met. You could tell him some food was 'poison' and wouldnt touch it even if it was balanced on his nose. Once he was given the command 'Paid for' he would snap it up super fast. If you told him some food was hot he would nudge it with his nose before deciding if it was cool enough to eat. He was an amazing animal.He would have smoko with us at work every day and was a constant source of fun and laughs with his antics, a very very friendly dog but also was a very protective guard dog at night. He was also very fast and super strong. I miss that dog, he was a bloody champion.

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    We have a few at our Kennel Club and I find them a great dog to be around.....And there are a few that are awesome at Obedience
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    I did massssiiiveee research on some before I got Kaida as I wanted a red and tan one, but then saw her and fell in love

    So if you need any info on some in Perth PM me!

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    i grew up with dobes my entire life and my parents bred them. they are the most loyal loving and protective dog iv ever met and are awesome with kids!!!!
    I will always be a doberman girl just because iv never met another dog like them... they tick all the catorgories! amazing animals!

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