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I could very much say that "i wont buy this pathetic needy creature because it would be supporting puppy mill dogs if i do" because i know the gimmick & i would be doing just that - supporting them!
I know the gimmick too but it owuldnt necessarily stop me from buying one.

I havent yet, but its not to say I wouldnt. I am a big believer that you are led to the dog who is meant to be with you regardless of where they come from...i believe this is how I have ended up with a dog who looks and acts like a lab despite not being a lab fan, and I believe this is how I have ended up with a small dog despite previously not liking small dogs (so much so that when I told my family and friends I had a small dog, there were a lot of shocks and a lot of laughs - my mum even still almost 3 years later cracks up when she sees me and pippi together).