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Thread: Slobber guts

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    Haha good one newfsie! i agree must differ from dog to dog. A friend of ours has a Dogue de bordeax and he is notorious for his drooling! He would be 5-6 months old at the moment and it goes everwhere! all over my dogs, when he rubs up against you he leaves huge, white snotty patches all over your legs! we babysat him for a weekend when he was 12 weeks old and he was a bad drooler then too, I love having my animals indoors at night, but the poor bugger was not coming inside my house with all that drool so he had to sleep outside my partner tried to tell me he drooled so much because he was potentially dehydrated, is this true?

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    They do tend to drool more when hot.....if mine drool a lot i take them for a swim or give them a drink
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    None of my 3 girls are droolers but that is mostly because they aren't dogs with drooping joules. My friends black lab however is a terrible drooler! We go down the park and after a run and a drink there is white foamy slob EVERYWHERE! Gypsy and Chev come home with mowhawks from all of Duke's slobber and my pants are usually wet from him brushing up against me.
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