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Thread: Protecting my grass from El Destructo

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    Gday all!

    Been looking on here occasionally for a while for dog raising tips, etc. But first post.

    Got my first dog about a year and a half ago. Border Collie/Black Lab cross (as far as I can tell!)
    Like many owners I love her to bits, but since we got her the near perfect couch lawn (only about 25square meters) has taken an absolute battering.

    Kita took to it in several ways: the first was to pee on the lawn which killed large patches almost instantly, and for a long time. Dog rocks in her water helped, but with so many water sources it was getting expensive. Other sections were damaged by traffic and general running around in frenzied circles. Once the grass had been compromised the digging could commence with gusto. I should note that she does have many other parts of the garden that are designated dog digging areas - so it wasn't for lack of options!

    So I quickly learnt that some grass protection was in order. We put chicken wire down on it to minimise the damage, but the bits of wire on the ground wasn't necessarily compatible with little human feet that we also need to facilitate. This meant that we did manage to retain some semblance of lawn, but it was kinda unusable. It was also a pain lifting up all the chicken wire every time we wanted to mow and then putting it back down neatly.

    Another, more elegant, solution required more research.

    I found out that couch-grass and dog urine don't mix as well as buffalo. We have fenced off about half of the lawn and re-turfed with Sir Walter Buffalo. It looks awesome and is so nice to walk/sit on at the moment. Its getting time to release it to the public, but I'm really scared about letting Kita onto it, though I don't want to have to chicken wire it - so I did some more looking.

    I found this thing called Turfprotecta. Turf Reinforcement Plastic Mesh | Grass Overflow Car Park Protection You lay it on your grass and stay off it for a while and water it and the grass grows on top of it. It is for turf re-inforcing for grassed carparks and high traffic areas. Now, with my experience with the chicken wire I know that grass does envelope things that lie on it for a while - cos sometimes the chicken wire had to be ripped up through it so we could mow!

    So the Buffalo should minimise the urine problem, and the Turfprotecta should stop the grass being torn apart during frenzies and digging sprees. Slab pathways will be put down in high traffic areas to avoid "goat-tracks".

    The problem with Turfprotecta is that it's kinda expenno, and it only comes in 2x30m rolls in Australia. You can get 2 x 10m rolls in the UK, but the company that sells it here will not do that size without charging an arm and a leg for shipping from the UK, and it could take up to 10 weeks too! The time to do things like putting down Turfprotecta is now, so that the grass can grow over it quickly.

    What I'd like to do is find a few other Perth dog owners who have small areas of lawn that they would like to protect. I only need about 20 square meters or so, and if I can share the cost with someone then it would be worthwhile getting some.

    Any Perth dog lovers around interested in getting some of this stuff? Would love to meet up, gain trust, and then I don't mind paying up front and getting re-imbursed. I imagine shipping might be up to $70, so $400 total for 60 square meters. $200 or less for a safe lawn for me would be awesome.

    Anyway, please comment here if anyone has had experience with this stuff, and also if you're in Perth and keen to be in the buy.

    Thanks heaps.


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    I have kikuyu lawn - if I was planting it, i'd try for the sterile non flowering stuff. it's the same grass they use on horse racing tracks. It does sometimes get a yellow burn mark but it does depend what I'm feeding the dog. Ie if I make my own food and she gets less dry food - there are less burn marks in the lawn. Though after about a month - the burn mark comes back extra green from the extra nitrogen.

    I also walk my farm dog bitsa twice a day, ideally an hour each time but 30 minutes around the footpaths will do, and I make her eat her dry food out of a squirrel dude - so she has to work pretty hard for it. If the dog is not being walked enough - it does more destruction on the garden one way or anohter.

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