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Thread: Happy ending dog story

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    Default Happy ending dog story

    A couple of years ago I had a young woman move into my granny flat. She brought a JRTx pup – Rufus - with her, he must have only been about 3-4 months. Very clever little thing, very responsive, even as a pup.

    Unfortunately, she never looked after him properly. We ended up having a few arguments because she either didn’t walk the dog at all for ages and when she did, she let him run off the lead while he had no recall nor road sense. She never made an effort to train him at all nor to vaccinate or desex him.

    Sadly enough she then ended up in rehab on and off. Some good friends of mine looked after the dog for about a year. He was so happy there. And my friends loved having him. They were what you expect responsible owners to be. They had him vaccinated, made sure he was safe, gave him enough exercise, some training and lots of affection. They once spent $1,000+ on the vet after he nearly died because of a paralysis tick he got at the coast. They considered getting him desexed but because they were only minding him, they ended up not to.

    And in the meantime his original owner kept thinking he was always pining for her when he was not with her and she took him back when she moved into a govvy flat maybe 6 months ago. Then ended up in rehab again apparently – I’ve only had very occasional FB contact with her since she’s on a downward spiral – and she left the dog some a friend of hers.

    Fast forward to today when my friend told me that she got a phone call out of the blue from Rufus’ owner asking if they wanted to adopt him! They picked him up last Friday. The dog is happy, my friends are happy (the dog is the husband’s little mate – very cute), and their young kids must be ecstatic because they were still crying over missing him months after he left. And I am happy because now Banjo will have her own little friend to play with when we meet up too and I bet they will get on like a house on fire! The dog got taken to the vet for a check-up and his booster shots immediately and he will finally be getting the snip next month.

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    Awww yay! So glad the JRT finally got the home it deserves
    Owning a dog should be a partnership. Much like a good marriage it should be based on love, trust and devotion until death do you part.
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    Thats a great ending Glad all worked out well for the little mite!

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    so nice to have a happy endding
    just go to love good news storys
    love it
    take care

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    Yay for the little fella! Oskar is getting the snip in January...felt too mean getting him done over christmas lol!

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