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Thread: The story of our escaping dog - any suggestions on how we can stop?

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    Default The story of our escaping dog - any suggestions on how we can stop?

    I thought id share my story of our always escaping Staffy, in the hope that were not the only ones sufering and maybe someone out there has a suggestion on how we might reasonablyfix this problem.

    We love our little menace to bits and he just loves people - any person will do - but especially my husband (his master). We both work full time jobs and he spends all day at home alone in the back yard. Now this guy is quite the athlete, loves to run, jump, chase anything that moves get the picture! We live on 3/4 acre and he has a large secure yard. He gets exercised most nights (runs up to 2km).

    Over time, he has developed a knack for getting out of the yard. Visiting the neighbours is his passion! He only does this when he is alone, when we are not home. If we are home he never leaves our side.

    To date we have tried the following things to stop this:

    - 6 foot high timber fence (facing road) - he learnt to jump/bounce/scramble over this;
    - Added steel lean off's to the top of timber fence - fixed problem for about 6mths. Has now learnt to jump higher, then scrambles over top of steel;
    - Dog wire fence is around the remainder of the yard, with wire lean off's - learnt to climb this wire (ripping dew claws completely off in the process) then goes into the neighbours yard and easily gets through their fence;
    - Added an electric fence strand to the perimiter fence - got shocked a few times and has now learnt to jump over the top of the fence, clearning the electrified strand all together;
    - Electric collar/boundary system - he will just push through the zap pain to get to the other side (plus I really hate these collars, think they are horrible);
    - He is now placed on a cable run with a chain attached - he absolutely hates this! Sooks and cries all day Last weekend he snapped that run.... Yesterday he snapped his collar.

    He is desexed. Definately not getting out to see other dogs! I really dont think another dog in our yard is going to change anything with this guy, he is just not interested in other dogs. He also doesnt really go anywhere, sometimes he just hangs around the street or out the front of the house. Thankfully he is not a digger - yet!

    We have been trying to relieve any anxiety he has from us leaving him by not greeting him when we come home and not making a big deal when we leave. Also have been leaving home without him for short bursts - say 15-30mins, to try and get him to realise we will come back! But its not really making any differrence.

    We really dont know what to do now. Were getting rather desperate.

    Someone has suggested trying hobbles on him, like what you get for horses. Then he cant run or jump.

    Has anyone else had the troubles we have had? Does anyone have any suggestions on what we could possibly do next to prevent this behaviour?

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    The only solution I can think of is electric fence wire part way up the fence and on the bottom, stop him getting at the fence all together. And more stimulating toys as he may be bored.

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    I can picture your place looking like Alcatraz...Determined little bugger isnt he !

    After humming and harring about this ....barbed wire? electric wires?....maybe etc...etc. Fenced off penn area ?....yep!

    I'd be fencing him in a penn area even with a mesh roof if needed.
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    Hahahaha damn Staffies.

    With my two Harley is a home body, he likes his walks and that's all he needs, the rest of the time he just lazes around the patio. Miss Bella on the other hand loves adventures, seeing all the people and other dogs in our neighbourhood. Luckily we live on a quiet dead end street so traffic isn't that bad and we have very understanding neighbours that helped us out a lot or she might not be here today!

    We'd only just brought out new house and figured that the fencing was fine, dog wire so they couldn't get out. It started off she worked out she was little enough to be able to squeeze through the dog fence wire, so I patched that up and it was good for a week or two when she worked out how to jump over, so we made the fence higher and she just went and found another way out leading poor Harley out too (the fence was completely useless in one section we discovered and they were using a fallen tree as a bridge). Now Harley is dog aggressive to other dogs and when my neighbour came and told us he was trying to attack their dog through the fence, enough was enough.

    We went and got her a run, 3m x 3m and 6 foot high. Every time we go out, she goes into the run. She hasn't been able to get out since. I seen an add in the pet store the other day for "Pet Safe Kennel Runs". I think something like that would be best, and you can get roofs too.

    I personally don't like having her in there all day, but its better than her getting stolen/hit by a car/collected by council.

    ETA: Petsafe Dog Enclosures - Large Rectangular Kennel Run - Dog Kennel Runs

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    Wow, that is one determined staffy! And a true athlete too.

    I don't have any advice on the fence part, apart from: install a run with a roof.

    I walk my dog in the morning before I go out. Sometimes she gets a second walk in the afternoon, but I regard the morning one as the essential one because it will make her feel less bored when I leave for work. My dog also loves her bones and treat ball when I'm out. Not all that intersted in kongs.

    But with a dog that obsessed with escaping, the run may be your only option left...

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    Ouch sorry to read about the dewclaws, another add on could be a roll top on the fence, its basically ( cheap quick version) irrigation pipe strung with wire set about a foot out from the fence and a foot from the top, dogs cant get a purchase on it if they try and climb over it, they just roll off back to the ground.

    Ping strings, runs, etc, great also.
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    My dog gets exercised every morning - for about an hour or 3 to 5km of walking. If we go to the park or the beach and we get lucky she will play with other dogs and run herself stupid. And then SLEEP all day!!!

    Any chance you could get up half an hour earlier and take your staffy for a walk before you go to work? It would be good for both of you and might reduce the desire to escape. A 2km walk in the evening is not going to keep an energetic dog happy for all the next day. Even 20 minutes of dog trick training (shaping) or heel work or chasing the ball - would exercise mind and brain and encourage sleeping during the day.

    And then if you still have escape artist - you need a dog run with escape proof floors, walls and ceilings.

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