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    They sound pretty good to me, their dogs aren't involved in showing but they are involved in obedience and tracking work. I like to see kennels that breed their dogs for a purpose.

    They also do hip and elbow scoring... definitely worth looking into them more.
    Just wanted to mention one thing here... saying "we are involved in obedience and tracking" doesn't necessarily mean much... if I were looking for a dog which was involved in these activities I would be looking for titles after their name. The base level titles are not that hard to get so I would at least be expecting these.

    Not saying this is the case with these breeders, just wanted to point it out!

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    It's a harder call in a breed so divided into show and working types. Show titles and show stacked photos don't assist those people who are not interested in the show type of Shepherd.

    Evidence of healthy breeding stock and sound minds becomes more important.

    Longhaired sheps from non show lines may match the standard physically (except for coat that is!) yet are not going to win show conformation awards. So to find a pet of that description you will not fnd one from show titled stock. If they are bred and raised right it doesn't prevent them being lovely companion animals.

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    Plus I just noticed that the website states all pups are registered with Dogs NSW, so the relevant health checks are done, as they are compulsory for registration.

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