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Thread: Maltese X Dingos??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    Color genetics can be confusing once you start getting into specific markings. Solid colors are easily determined whether to be dominant or recessive such as 2 dominant black dogs will only produce black. But 2 black dogs both carrying brown will produce both black and brown dogs, with the blacks being either dominant or brown carriers.

    With Dingos I have never seen a dingo with black masking around the eyes like in the photo of the mixed breed pups. In my understanding the dingo would have to carry the gene for that specific marking as the maltese is a solid color. Then you get into the fact that white is a recessive gene, and for the pups to be white the dingo would also need to carry white... BUT if the dingo has white coloring it may just be a white mask covering the entire dog (highly unlikely for the whole litter to be white masked though).

    I'm not doubting that there may be dingo x maltese dogs out there but I highly doubt this specific case is the real deal.

    dingos do carry white and you get some solid white dingos...probably not common though.

    Also, I reckon black must be carried by maltese, I reckon as a recessive or something. I wouldnt actually know for a fact but I am basing it on that most x bred malteses I see have black markings LOL (and thats been regardless of the other breed)

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    I've seen dingos in a lot of different colours from the traditional yellow, or solid black or tri colour...

    These puppies just seem wrong to me - not that it's their fault.

    Cattle dogs and Kelpies have dingos in their ancestry too.

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    You're right Hya, Pure dingos come in parti colour and black and tan / tricolour.

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