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    Hi everyone, does anyone know of, or heard any reviews of Brierdene Pet Care Centre? (Windsor / Vineyard area NSW). Looking for somewhere to look after my dog during the day on occasions (he has high anxiety!). We've just moved 'out west' from the city where there are loads of doggy day cares and nothing out here! Only one I can find online seems to be Brierdene... any comments would be appreciated

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    Hi Natalie, did you ever use Brierdene? We are about to start house renovations and there will be maybe 1 or 2 days a week when only the builders will be at home and they will be accessing the backyard. I would like to find somewhere on these days to drop my boy off for the day and collect on my way home from work so there is no fear of him escaping and getting out on the road. I drive past Brierdene and it would be great but would love to hear any experiences. Thanks!

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    If it's a good place, it should let you go visit and check it out. If it doesn't then don't use it.

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