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Thread: Fleas!! I'm Going Mad!

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    hmmm..done a lot of reading and looking. There may well be an FL resistance(there was talk that Advantage had a problem a couple ,of years ago) but I am wondering if the problem is not the way FL works, in that it's too "gentle", allowing the fleas to exist on the animal, and unless applied very often, to breed. So in really heavy infestation years, all the treatment of your house and yard will not help (especially if it's not residual), if any animal crosses the yard some time after the treatment and drops fleas from outside, it starts again. Many people said that it seemed to work, then it was back again after a few days. One writer said the FL stopped working one year and they switched to something else for a couple of years, then Fl worked again. So that could either be resistance, or FL simply not being good enough in a really bad year.

    One thing I am finding most annoying is the FL and vets' attitude to simply deny there could be a problem, and statements being made that the Fl you get online or at non-vet outlets is somehow different (inferior) from the one the vets sell. AS far as I can tell, that was after FL lost its protected status as a drug. but what I buy from the farm shop has exactly the same active ingredient, in the same strength. I guess the delivery medium could be different, but that seems highly unlikely.

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    In regards to the ticks, i do check her regularly for them as i have to brush her every night in regards to her coat. But because her coat can grow quite thick, fast finding ticks can be quite challenging. To combat this i am getting her coat shorn to the skin every 6 weeks. It's been two day's and i have been checking for flea's - still nothing on the cat's, and i haven't caught one flea on the dogs yet either. Still to treat our environment, i think i'm just going to go with supervised toilet visits and no dog park visits and see how it goes.

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    Well I hope the signs mean a good result. Trouble is, and I know this is tough, until you isolate which is the cause, you may get a recurrence if you start walks or free time in the garden again. However I understand the need for a fast(er) solution and also not wanting to have to treat your whole area, if it's not needed. So I sympathise with the stealth approach, but can only hope it works. I have been thinking about this for most of the day, as I remember how bad it was when I "had fleas" really badly: it's frustrating and more than little embarrassing and you can start to feel overwhelmed.

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    Re: Using garden lime or dolomite on the soil.

    Okie dokie, this is going to sound a tad weird, so please don't laugh....

    My understanding was that it created an environmental barrier that inhibited flea larvae motility after hatching....They can't move or migrate.......It basically starves them before they can attached to a host.

    Does not actually kill them on contact IYKWIM......

    Was something I read in a text many years ago.......Have been searching the web, but can't locate a similar reference......
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