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Thread: Help with Dog Boarding Kennel in Adelaide

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    Default Help with Dog Boarding Kennel in Adelaide

    My wife and I will be going away for 4 weeks and unfortunately there is a 7 days period over new years that my parents are unable to look after our 12 month old Rottweiler cross and 6 month old Rottweiler.
    Really not keen to leave in a kennel, because you just don't know how they are treated, but not sure if we will have a choice.
    Can someone please recommend a good kennel in Adelaide, which will ease my mind slightly.
    Will the kennel separate my dogs? as you can imagine, they are quite attached to each other and I know that they will not be happy if separated for too long, especially the younger one.
    Will we also need to get booster shots for them? They both had their normal vaccinations at 10 weeks.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I am not sure on any kennels in your area... but you will need to have their vaccinations up to date which by their age and provided you have completed the full course of all 3 shots for kennel cough etc, it should be okay. You can also request that they share a run, its what I do with my dogs.

    I think you may want to start calling places now as well, most kennels book out months in advance over the Christmas break, so you might have a hard time finding any with spare bookings.

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    You can try Top Spot Boarding Kennels in Echunga. I'd suspect that they are full for all of December but perhaps you're lucky and someone cancelled. I think they have shared kennels for two dogs.

    Our dog loves it there. He is very particular about people but just loves the owner Deb. Last time we took him there he couldn't wait to get in and pulled my partner on the lead all the way from the carpark to the office I think my OH was a bit offended by how quickly he was forgotten at the sight of Deb

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    thanks, do you know if Top Spot have a pick up and drop off service?

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    Maybe Google them and see what services they offer?

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    If you wanted to keep your dogs at home you could hire a pet sitter who comes and feeds them and takes them for walks and what not..

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    Top spot do have a pick up and etc but it does require you to be nice to them. There is also something called a "dog taxi" in Adelaide - not sure the number but they'd do it.

    I had my dog at Top Spot last year after staying with friends wasn't working out - and my friend tried to get Top Spot to pick up and they wouldn't. Mostly cos my friend was freaking out and rude from lack of sleep - which was largely caused by my dog being annoying and my friend not standing up for herself... Anyway - dog made it to right place but the pick up is not to be taken for granted, ie it's something you can negotiate.

    However I do like to go check out a boarding place before I let my dog stay there. Today I went and checked out the boarding at RSPCA. I've had about four different doggy people recommend them.

    Kennel cough is a bit of a risk - because they're right next to the homeless dogs even with C5 vax - which you're required to bring proof of.

    And the reason I'm looking to board there - is because I don't want to board my dog in the Adelaide Hills during peak bushfire season. Just call me paranoid.

    Not so long ago a boarding kennel in Michaelago in Canberra lost a heap of dogs because a fire went through there, and it's people before dogs. I can't argue with that but if I'm not going to be around to save my dog from extreme fire days - I don't want her staying where the risk is high.

    There is also "Annie the Pet Nanny" - she will make sure a dog that lives in the back yard or has access to the back yard is fed and healthy and take it for walks - at an extra cost. Lots of people in my area use her. But it doesn't suit me because my back yard does not have enough shelter for the hot days.

    Next to Top spot there is "Tip Trees" which doggy people have also recommended me - especially for Golden Retrievers.

    And I think my uncle uses "the dog house" in Hahndorf which has luxury accommodation for dogs.

    RSPCA want full fee up front and non-refundable if you want your dog to stay there over Christmas or Easter. Because they're so busy then and it makes processing dogs in and out quicker, and to discourage last minute cancellations when they would be turning people away for months beforehand.

    Pays to plan in advance if you want to board your dogs then.

    Some breeders will board dogs that they bred for their owners - ie you could ask the breeder of your young Rotti - if they would be willing to help out.

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