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    Banjo seems to really be quite smart. Definitely smarter than my old dog, bless her.

    I keep seeing little examples of her smarts.

    Like the other night when I went to have a beer in my friends' backyard. The dog tried to get into their old dog kennel, but because it had belonged to a JRT, she could only get her head in. So eventually she dragged an old jumper out of the kennel, carried it to the lawn and snuggled up on it and went to sleep.

    And this morning I woke up to see her playing with the cat on my bed. Eventually she put her jaws around the cat's head - gently - and then she noticed that I was looking at her and I swear she tried to act like she was just yawning.

    Of course it has downsides too. She figured out how to move the chairs from under the table so she can use them as a step to get onto the table to eat the cat food. And I'm sure that if she really wanted to get out of the yard, she'd find a way, but so far she's been happy to just stay there.

    It does make her easy to train. She learns a lot through osmosis and understands boundaries very quickly.

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    Nice little story.
    I have to wait to see if Murphy is as smart as our old Heeler.
    So far all he is a much better watch dog than she ever was.
    Still a long way to go with him.

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    Frosty is nothing like any dog I've previously owned or lived with. I've had to learn so much new stuff (which is really old stuff) about dog training and operant and classical conditioning and frustration theory and etc etc.

    She's getting faster at learning new things now - as I get better at shaping and managing her frustration, my frustration and the number of sets and reps and rewarding the right things at the right time...

    As a puppy - We were sure she was more than part dalmation - ie a bit slow.

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