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    I don't know exactly when it happened but some time in the last couple of weeks something seems to have clicked with my dog. She seems to have realised that if she follows some pretty basic rules and pays attention to what I do and say, she will have a pretty darn good life.

    She was a fairly easy dog from the start, especially for her age - 8 months when I got her. But now she is just awesome. She will always come when I call - though sometimes I do have to call more than once or follow my "come"with an "Oi!". She will stay close by my side when she needs to and doesn't seem to feel tempted to follow other people home anymore.

    I still have to watch that she doesn't jump all over people. Especially when they are sitting down. But now we have the look-at-that down pat, that isn't as much of an issue as it used to be.

    So I rarely take treats with me anymore. Which is good timing because taking fresh cooked liver when the temp is over 30 degrees isn't such a great idea anyway. I must try to do some more training with her at home so she will still get that cue-reward thing. I taught her to do a 360 degree turn on cue the other day, very cute.

    She knows a whole array of more subtle cues too, though some still need some more enforcement.

    I am amazed at her turning into such a great companion and being so in tune with me in such a short time. She still has some annoying habits at home, like sitting waaay too close to me and trying to lick my face, but I think it's only fair that I also compromise a bit on what I feel comfortable with on the things that don't matter that much.

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    This is what we are after with Murphy.
    I know it will happen but we just have to wait.
    Though at the moment we have got the granddies and Murphy is way too boistours with them so instead of us yelling and screaming at him, I find it better to leave him outside the time the girls are here.

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    I cannot wait for the click. I think Kaida's at that teenager 'I dont have to come when called' stage.
    I'm super jealous and congrats!

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