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Thread: Wanting to Buy a Japanese Spitz.

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    Default Wanting to Buy a Japanese Spitz.

    Hi, I'm 16years old, and I really want to buy a Japanese Spitz.
    How hard are they to train to live inside?? Any tips on buying one/ taking care of them??

    If anyone has ANY info on the breed please let me know!

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    Alway go to google and make that your starting point.
    It will lead you to what you want to know about that breed.
    It will show and tell you how or what to do, just follow the links in there and I think you should get some real truthful info on them.
    Though i do think some here do own them to.

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    If you do a search on the site you should find some info on breeders as a few members here own Spitzes.

    And to "How hard are they to train to live inside??" I would reply that a dog is easier to train when they live inside. I don't buy into the whole "dogs belong in the yard" idea. Dogs are generally happier if they can live inside and are truly a part of the family and because you spend a lot more time with them and they get to observe you more, they will learn more quickly that way. And I think that counts for all dogs, not just Spitzes.

    There's lots of general info on training puppies etc on this site too. Again, that sort of stuff would be pretty much the same for all breeds. Just browse the puppy and training forums or do a search.

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    *obligatory "have you checked with your parents?" post*
    Owning a dog should be a partnership. Much like a good marriage it should be based on love, trust and devotion until death do you part.
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