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Thread: Is It Stressful for a Dog to Have Two Homes?

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    Absolutely, i would never force her or corner her into a social situation. She is the nerviest, skittish dog around new people..yet the most affectionate, loving dog with people she knows well. Unfortunately she needs a lot of time to warm up to people. The first time she met my mum, she nipped her leg as she was walking out the door. After about 10 more meets (with mum primarily ignoring her) she was good and now she absolutely dotes on my mum. Follows her around all day and insists on cuddles 24/7.

    I just don't want any more nipping from her and especially around elderly people! Some people aren't so understanding about under socialised dogs. I don't expect her to want to be pat straight away..i just want her to understand that she is not to bark or growl at people she doesn't know, even if they are in what she now see's as her territory. Especially with Christmas time, and the inevitable family gathering that go with it, coming up.
    Then make sure she can't reach the visitors to stop any chance of nipping.

    Your best option is remedial socialisation and de sensitisation. If someone is coming over for a visit then go outside with her and feed her lots of yummy treats, do some training with her and play games with her, actually I would have a special toy that ONLY comes out when vistors come over, so pick something she really loves, show it to her every now and then BUT only let her play with it when visitors are around. If you use a clicker, then I would incorporate something like Click to Calm (a book). Work on this with just having the visitor inside the house in sight for a few weeks, then have them sit outside quietly while you do the same thing (treat, train, play). Then have the visitor chuck treats to her etc.
    You need to make having visitors over the BEST thing in the world.
    Just don't push forward to quickly, and work with women visitors first.

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    Agree with the other posters. My OH and I lived separately for a couple of years (many years ago) and I used to go stay at his place with the dogs in problems a all

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