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Thread: My Dog a Digger

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimi2010 View Post
    We have a border collie cross. She`s 14 months old, but from early age I have problem with her digging in our backyard. Tried everything, search internet, but is getting out of control. Anybody has any suggestion?
    This might seem odd, but have you tried not interferring with her nicely dug holes?
    Think of why your dog is digging a hole. This is a den. And just when she's nearly got it to the perfect size, you fill the bloody thing in! AGGGGH she must be very frustrated with you.

    Digging is a natural behaviour of dogs. Why didnt you get a bird instead? they dont dig.

    We leave our dogs to find their own dig spot. Each has 2. One in sun, one in shade. They've dug others, but have given up all but 2 spots each. Once the work out where the best 2 spots are, i fill in the others with their poo.

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    We have had digging dogs at our place and they have been our kelpies......we allowed them to have one hole and they often used to lie in this hole with just their ears showing. We used to call this their dingo holes.

    We also have an area where our dogs are encouraged to dig. When they are puppies we bury/hide dry food in this are and the puppies loved going to find it. the older dogs get bored with it. like was said before it often is, because it is a natural thing to do. And the action is also self satisfying once the digging has started, it is addictive for some dogs. Boredom is often the start too with some dogs
    We have found leaving some dogs with their one hole and the large digging area for puppies the best solution for our dogs. the netting idea sound OK to keep them out of specific area.
    Good luck
    Pets are forever

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    When our old Red Heeler was around, as lots so far have said, we let her have 2 holes which were never taken away from her. And she knew these were her places, and this is a working thing as they do understand that it is okay to dig them deeper and not get in trouble.
    But when she was a pup she dug this hole in the lawned area. I went out to tell her off as she was doing it and I saw her. Wel out I went and was about to tell her off when I looked at the hole. This hole was about a ruler width round and almost perfect, and it was straingh down as far as her little legs at that time.
    I looked at the hole and thought that she had put in a good effort in doing it. So I just called her away and refilled it. She never dug another hole as good as that one.

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