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Thread: Dogs and Salt Water

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    My dog has tricked a few other dogs into getting wet...

    They do zoomies on the sand and the other dog is chasing my dog and she runs into the water and the other dog follows - and then realizes it's suddenly all wet. The looks of horror on some of their faces...

    And then there are the dogs that are being chased by my dog and think that running into the water will slow her down - erm. Nope.

    And then best of all are the dogs that like to run in the water, and they run up and down the beach together in and out the water and we're all happy, we will have tired dogs for the day.

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    We rinse Ziggy after the beach but don't give her a proper bath. Her fur is lovely after a beach trip.

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    I dont rinse our dogs. But as they swim daily in rivers, i guess it gets a rinse anyhow.

    I dont bath them either. They dont scrach after the beach.
    (GSD long hair, and rottie x)

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    Maybe the salt water does not get down to the skin in newfies, because we never rinse. they just shake after drying and all the sand is off. but I have noticed that when we stay at the beach they are not as shiny........We swim mainly in river, which is wash and wear
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    We are on a farm with no town water. We have a large rainwater tank for the house but all the hoses are connected to dam water.

    There is a shallow spring fed creek and a dam with all sorts of ducks birds etc.

    Snoop has decided to become a proper pointer now so playing fetch etc is ho-hum - his free walkies time is now spent nose to the ground tracking and flushing out (mainly water dragons because they run funny) and quail.

    He had explosive diarroeha (excuse spelling) yesterday, the worst I have seen - I suspect the dam water is the issue as it is stagnant.
    This morning I cut short the stalking time and limited it to the creek so he did not consume any/much water.
    His poop is normal again - he had boiled chicken, bread, yogurt and a bone for
    dinner last night and chicken/bread for brekky.

    I used to hose him down after walkies/beach trip (with dam water) - of course this is a wonderful game and he swallows a lot of it. The water does not smell at the moment, but other times of the year it does.

    Someone said to put Zeolite in the dam, maybe this is a solution?

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