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Thread: Boot Scootin Butt Scratcher

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    Default Boot Scootin Butt Scratcher

    My Makdog has recently been scootin his butt on the rough concrete....
    He has never done this before... I use Advocate and also some tape wormer tablet from the pet store....

    Does anyone know if I can use DRONTAL ALL WORMER plus ADVOCATE?
    Or is it not allowed to use both?

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    Not a worming issue.

    Anal glands need expressing.

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    It doesn't mean the anal glands need expressing OR that your dog has worms! My staffy does it a fair bit, the vet suggested it could be any number of things - the food he eats, allergic to grass or weeds in the area, a flea or insect bite... My staffy doesn't have worms and his anal glands were fine. I'd get your dog checked out, but you can't really go presuming it's 'this' or 'that' without an expert opinion.. but in most cases, it's nothing to worry about

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    Thanks Natalie..... good to know my pet is not the only boot scooter around, lol so hes not a crazy dog lol

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    I check my dog for dags when she does this. Often there's something stuck that just needs a bit of help.

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    I agree with K&P. As a vet nurse I am forever squeezing anal glands and a lot of clients say they noticed their dog "scooting"
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    It could be a few things, but unless you can see nothing physically wrong with his anus, its most likely worms or an anal gland issue. For this case, i'd say anal glands.
    You can either do it yourself, or if you're not quite up to it your vet or a vet nurse will be able to do it very quickly. Put it this way, it cant hurt to do some..expressing.. and if you choose to see your vet about it they'd be able to give a better diagnosis.
    If you choose to do it yourself(its very easy), I can help you out there. I'm a vet nurse and consider myself a poo squeezing expert now(we often get left with the dodgy jobs!)
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