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Thread: Black Labrador Cross Kelpie

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    Question Black Labrador Cross Kelpie

    We just got a 10 month old LabXKelpie and wondering if anyone else has one or any experiences with one.

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    Do you have any problems with him? Any pics??

    We've got one of those (according to the first owners anyway). He is 18 months and the biggest suck you can imagine He is very affectionate and actually a bit of a couch potato. Quite food driven - but nothing like other labs I've known. He responds well to training, especially if it involves roast chicken... only if another dog appears on the scene he forgets all about it and wants to go and plaaaaaayyyy.

    His sister (same litter) is completely different. Very active and independent. She is not food driven at all. She can be quite aggressive towards other dogs and she is unstoppable when seeing a sheep. She is considered to be a bit of a 'problem girl' by the owners although I personally believe that she just needs someone who has got a bit of time on their hand to do some training with her.

    Both go crazy over water though

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    One of my friends has one of these - at least it looks like a very skinny lab and acts like a kelpie. And is one of Frosty's favourite play mates. The owners are very happy if we co-incide at the dog park because they both run and run and run and run and wrestle and wrestle and wrestle and wrestle and both dogs are much easier to live with after that until next walk time.

    So - she's an EXTREMELY energetic friendly happy dog. LOVES food and other dogs. LOVES running. Needs a lot of training - ie will quite happily go exploring for food and other things without the owner if allowed (Lab side I suspect). And she would make an amazing agility dog if they ever decide to give that a try.

    At the moment - I think she gets not quite enough exercise - unless she meets up with Frosty - and not nearly enough training.

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