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Thread: Small dog breed suggestions??

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    Smile Small dog breed suggestions??

    Wanting some small dog breed suggestions, been looking up for 3 weeks and I feel like there are more other breeds out there that are gentle and nice. I'm thinking of a cavalier king charles but please give me mre suggestions. I want a dog that's affectionate, trainable, do not bark excessively, don't shed a lot.

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    tenterfield terrier
    bichon frieze
    poodle (you might need to train it not to bark but they're easy to train)

    Note - the non-shedding dogs will need clipping and can be prone to picking up burrs and grass seeds.

    And some of the more intelligent dogs - are easy to train, but they also learn stuff you might not have intended - so you need to be 100% consistent with them. Eg some poodles are smarter than their owners and the training is being done by the dog.

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