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Thread: What Collar Do You Use ?

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    Default What Collar Do You Use ?

    I was reading another thread and I thought that this would be a good question to ask the members here.
    It is about what is the collar you use when walking or training your dog.

    I have only ever use a slip collar or as it is better known as a Choker Cain Collar. It works well enough for me and I have not found the need as yet with any of our dogs to change things.
    The last couple of times at obedience we didn't have a choker chain so we just used his everyday collar. It is then normal run of the mill leather collar and I have been quite suprised that this has worked well. Next session we will put him on the choker and see if it is better or not.

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    I use a choker and a holti with a double ended lead hooked to both although Nero generally doesnt pull i still want to be able to stop him should the need occur.

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    A great collar is the Windchill Limited Slip collar. Made primarily for sled dogs but great everyday collars at a very reasonable price. Also can get a name or phone number embroided on. Use them for everyday and training.

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    Flat collars here or martingales for my dog with a super narrow head, I don't use a leash to train any obedience work so the collar we use for that is irrelevant.

    I have a super awesome remote training collar for some things too.

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    Great Subject, Ridstars.

    I use a flat collar Rogs For Dogs. Probably need to get another one cos the one we have is getting a bit decrepid.

    And a front attach harness called a "sensible" from softouchconcepts (or agent Adelaidepetdogtraining here)

    I gave up the slip / choke collar a long time ago and really wish I'd never used it. I do have a nylon flat lead mesh slip collar - which I put on dog at the front door for greetings. Mostly because it's convenient. No "corrections" are made with it - apart from the self inflicted ones when she gets too excited to stay next to me.
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    There are also threads on this on past pages in the training forum.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Just a flat collar.
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    Barney wears a flat leather collar and when walking sometimes has a choke chain on, or a front attach harness or a halti. Or soemtimes just his flat collar. Depends really.

    Pippi wears a flat collar also and when we go for walks she wears a sling harness so that if she looks to be in danger I can just pull her up off the ground without having to take the time to bend down and pick her up

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    Depends on what I am training for...

    Just for regular walking, a flat nylon collar. For show training a fine nylon adjustable or a check chain.

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    I already have a Cujo leash from these guys and as soon as Mojo stops growing so quickly i'll be getting one of thier collars aswell. I like the waterproof and rustproof concept as we will be swimming heaps.
    At the moment he needs his collar adjusted every 3 or 4 days and he has grown out of 2 collars already.

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