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Thread: What Collar Do You Use ?

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    I like the products on that link, the ezy fit harness and mountain board inparticular, I could get into that with a younger dog on lead
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    Oskar has the Ezy dog harness. He still has a bit to grow but he harness adjusts and it will fit him when he is fully grown. I find that I have more control over him then just a collar and leash. It was about $50 but well worth it I reckon. We leave it on him when we take him off leash, and it doesn't appear to hinder his mobility and it does not irritate him. His collar is an adjustable flat collar with his name and contact number embroidered on it.

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    At home...Use nothing.

    Flat leather collars for both when out of home like walks, car or visiting. Have Id tag and contact details on them.

    Use harness for Scotty as he hunts and pulls on walkies.

    Never use a check chain or like to see left on unsupervised.

    Just curious, it is law in NSW to have ID attached to dog when off property. Is it the same interstate? How do you attach ID on a check chain? halti etc if you don't use a collar?...

    Just curious that's all.
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    We were using a nylon collar on Nibbler while he was still small. We've since purchased a harmony harness through our trainer. It works nicely to stop him pulling and he looks comfortable in it. Bonus is he can't slip out of it it's one that will double out in size and came with an extra long leash that can be adjusted.

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    Martingale soft collars on the boys - they have a part that looks like a check chain, but is just where you clip the lead to prevent escapage.

    The girls, being <2kgs, wear normal leather collars.

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    I use mostly a choker for training older pups, flat for babies, if I do anything with them.
    If I have to train an older, large, disobedient rescue I have used a prong a few times, have hardly ever used that on my own dogs
    Or even rescues for that matter, do not give harsh corrections, but will correct where needed, have been taught by proper trainers how to use all collars, and I think that is the key to what to use, being helped by experts to do things right 8>)
    Once a dog is trained you should not need to use any particular equipment, a bit of string should be fine, if you need to use any sort of special gear on a trained dog to lead it the dog is NOT trained, you are managing a situation not correcting it.

    No training aid should be needed once a dog has been trained, a flat collar is all my dogs need, and no harsh corrections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pepe001 View Post
    A great collar is the Windchill Limited Slip collar. Made primarily for sled dogs but great everyday collars at a very reasonable price. Also can get a name or phone number embroided on. Use them for everyday and training.
    We use the same, great collar

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    Today I went out and the wife and the youngest granddaughter had gone for a walk.
    So I got Murphy and we set off after them.
    We got to the end of the street and turned the corner and there they were talking to an old lady with a Border Collie.
    This time I walked Murphy with a lead that is about a meter long. I cut the clip off it and then restitched it to make it a double handle long lead.
    But I put the lead through one of the open ends so I can put Murphy's head through it.
    And I have to tell you this has worked out quite well out in the open.
    I have been using it in the back yard doing training and he is good on it but today was an open feild day test.
    And yes it does tighten up but this is easily fixed while walking.
    But Murphy was better on this that he has done on his Normal and Choker collar.
    So this will be our way to handle him for now.

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