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Thread: Burying Everything....

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    Default Burying Everything....

    Ok so Luna has just started burying everything...

    Before she would scoff down a carrot, or her bone, or pigs ear, etc. Now she buries it.. either in her sandpit, in the bark outside, in the couch or as i just witnessed, on the couch, burying it in her blanket.

    This started after her desexing. Does that have anything to do with it?
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    As a rule dogs bury excess, so she may have enough food.

    Some love to have a stash for another day and like their food stinky.

    If my dogs get bones then depending on their weight/condition/age etc then they don't get their regular meal.

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    Mine are in the love to have a stash and stinky category.
    They also have great fun watching while pretending not to then go and dig up the bone another has buried.

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