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Thread: Purchasing a Puppy.

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    Hi all,
    I have been looking at purchasing a dobermann pup for quite a while. I intend to have it as a house pet and to watchdog. I would also possibly be interested in doing some Obedience, tracking and Schutzhund work with it.
    The problem I am faced with is - I only want to buy a dog from a registered breeder, and I would like it to come with papers etc. The vast majority of breeders I have contacted say that their dogs are only on the limited register so you can't breed with them. Its more then likely that I won't be breeding with the dog, but if it excels at these disciplines, I would like to have the option open to me.
    Is it possible to change a dog from a limited register to a full breeding register if it has achieved champion status in a field of competition?

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    Yes a dog can be changed back. In NSW an application form can be completed by all registered owners, as well as the breeder.

    Think carefully before you decide to breed on. Even if you have a very successful dog, it can be easier to stay in touch with his breeder and obtain another from similar bloodlines if you ever wish to, without going through the expense and difficulties of breeding yourself - not to mention satisfactorily re-homing the pups that you decide not to keep.

    If you are ever hoping to breed, I would strongly recommend that you apply to be a registered breeder and register your pups. After all - we wouldn't have purebreds without people taking the time to record and register dogs throughout the centuries...

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    If you are serious about buying a good pedigree dog the best thing to do is join the breed club first. This way you get to know the breeders and their dogs and can choose which line you like best. It's an excellent way of learning more about the breed and making new friends. Once people get to know you there should not be a problem in buying a top puppy with full registration. Good breeders mostly have waiting lists so don't expect to find a pup immediately.

    The contact person for the Dobermann club of Qld is Mrs K Williams (07) 5466 1275

    Hope this helps a bit. I love Dobes. Perhaps I will have one some day.

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