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Thread: OMG - Drunk Dog Spared Being PTS

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    This is crazy. I am gob smacked that they actually took into account that the idiot uncle gave the dog beer. Maybe there is some hope that in the future they will really look into attacks to see what could have caused the dog to bite/attack. LOL @ dog psychologist. Also a good reason to teach your kids to never ever stick their hands or face over a fence and a good reason to have fencing that people can't stick their hands over or through.

    A dog that mauled 10-year-old boy in England has been spared after it was found the Staffordshire bull terrier was given strong beer shortly before the attack.

    The dog named Diesel, owned by 24-year-old James Holmes, attacked Joe Pickering on July 2 after the boy leant over a fence towards the animal.

    Joe was gouged over his right eye and needed stitches, and a skin graft to repair the damage.

    But it was found that Mr Holmes' girlfriend's uncle, Paul Ashworth, had taken Diesel out for a walk during the afternoon without permission.

    When he returned to his Colne home, he poured some Stella Artois beer into Diesel's mouth because it was panting.

    Minutes later, Diesel attacked Joe.

    The police tried to bring a civil case against Mr Jones but were unsuccessful because it happened on private property. But police used the Dangerous Dogs Act to take him to court for failing to keep Diesel under control.

    "I just want to keep my dog. I'll do everything the court asked," Mr Jones said.

    The court spared the dog from destruction because of all the progress made since the attack, including Diesel's sessions with a dog psychologist.

    "I can't recommend the uncle be put down but I'll plead strongly on the dog's behalf," said animal psychologist, David Gilman.

    Joe's father, Paul Pickering, was furious the dog had been allowed to live.

    "What kind of behaviour is it to give strong lager to a dog like that?" he said.

    "It's obviously a dangerous animal and it should have been dealt with as such."
    Drunk dog spared after mauling 10-year-old

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    Just seen this! It's a pretty odd case! Least the dog doesn't have to suffer due to its owners stupidity.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Hmmm, ours have had beer before (unintentionally) and haven't seemed any different.

    I highly doubt the dog was drunk especially as it happened "minutes later", it was just the action of holding it and having something poured down its throat that made it lash out.

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    Possibly. But it could well of been drunk, you can't compare a dogs bodies reaction to alcohol with our bodies reactions, it would be very different. Especially as being a Staffy the dog would not have weighed anymore than 20 kilos. And a few minutes could be 2 or 20 really.

    Oh well just thought it was a bit of an odd situation and I am happy the dog isn't being punished for human stupidity.

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    I was questioning the story K&P, not you

    It is interesting, and a good outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    I was questioning the story K&P, not you

    It is interesting, and a good outcome.
    Oh I know that haha. I was just pointing out possibilities from the other side.

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    I would be wondering if this kid had been a pain in the backside for the dog and it just happened to be that day when all things worked out to be all in place.So I would be looking into what has this kid done to the dog over time.
    Not that I think it was okay that the kid was bitten. But it just make me think that this kid might not be a little angle.

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    In all honesty, If that were my son, I would have jumped the fence and killed the dog myself.

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    Parent fails to control kid

    Idiot fails to control drunk dog.

    Drunk dog, and maybe the kid (not quite enough info), should be rehomed.

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