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    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum, but hoping you might be able to suggest a few breeds that might be suitable for us.
    We have a 1.5yo Labrador who is very excited and very energetic. He is also quite big (37kg last visit to the vet), so the dog cannot be too small! I would love another lab, but we think two very excited, over the top lab's would be too much.
    We go for daily walks for anywhere between 45mins and an hour, and go to obedience and agility every week. The dogs are inside with us when we are home, and would only be alone for a few hours at the time which is not very often.
    We live in suburbia, but we have a big backyard (around 1/4 of an acre).

    Basically, we are leaning towards a quieter, medium size dog who will be able to come along to obedience and agility. We don't mind something with energy, but an off switch would be fantastic!
    Any suggestions? We were thinking about a cocker spaniel, but are unsure as to whether they would be too small to cope with the lab or not.

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    Bear in mind that your dog is still young, and may settle down a bit in another year or two. Plus exercise and play with a second dog constantly will tire him out a little more too, so that he will rest more often.

    If you get an older dog as a second dog, say 4yo or more, it will probably be a bit more settled.

    As far as breeds go, Greyhounds do have an "off" switch...but they operate it themselves, so they may want to lounge when you have agility in mind or they may want to do zoomies when you have quiet time in mind...

    Some of the general purpose gundogs, GSP and Weims and the larger spaniels such as Brittany and Field maught be a good match, but again look for one that is well and truly adult...

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    Whippets are a great all round dog, can keep up with the most energetic of owners or are happy being a lounge lizard.

    They love fly-ball and agility, this is where they excel.

    You would have to be careful of a boisterous young Lab while it was a puppy but after that the Lab would be lucky to catch it.

    I have a 40kg and growing Borzoi and a Gordon Setter with my Whippets (4 adults + some pups) and have no problems.

    Whippets are very easy going, suit all ages and fit in anywhere. They live to please and are not at all what most people expect. They are responsive to the new methods of positive training and most certainly have an off switch.

    If I was you I would give your Lab another 6 months to just calm down that little bit more & focus all your attention on his training & further development before adding another dog that way your attention can focus on your new addition and everything goes smoothly.

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    We have a Silky terrier x 4.5kg and a Bull Terrier (still a 5/12 month old pup at 20.4 kg) they both get along and play fine Zeke our BT and Scrap our STX both have about an hour of full on play each day and then they are settled for the rest of the day so really it depends on the individual dog that you want to introduce if you go with a smaller dog like the Cocker only thing I would suggest is a good introduction and socialisation with your Lab and what ever new dog you get
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    GSD/WSSD. Although i might be a bit bias Still they can handle a bit of rough and tumble and are easily smart enough for obedience and agility. Any self confident dog will be able to handle and keep up with your lab.

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    An american spaniel would be big enough to cope with the lab but would probably ignore it.

    Have you noticed what other dogs your lab gets along with at class - and how excitable they are? Maybe one of those would be a good choice.

    However - sometimes getting a second dog just gets you double trouble if you haven't got the first one sorted. Ie "off switches" can be trained with a bit of effort and peristance. Maybe work on that first.

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