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Thread: Are the Challenge Type Toys Worth It?

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    Interesting.. Luna enjoys playing with it.. even tries cheating by running it around the room.. She also loves toilet rolls, empty bottles, all the cheap stuff.. I guess time will tell how she goes... I am slightly worried that once she learns the trick it will be too easy..
    Meet Luna, a 13 month old Beagle pup in Melbourne with her sister Cynder a 13 week old Border Collie!
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    Quote Originally Posted by newfsie View Post
    I went to a Underdog tricks workshop and katy just loved them, so I bought some for home. Tessa and Katy spend quite some time with them Lukey and Annabelle are just not smart enough. Not sure if it is because of their past, they do not seem to have the self-learning ability, that Katy and Tessa have. They do not problem solve.
    Hmmm, Underdog you say? Might have to google that...Oskar seems pretty switched on, so might have to buy him something that stimulates his mind rather than his teeth lol, though chewing would have a bit to do with his age since he is just a pup. Definitely worth some further looksee though

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    Frosty eats plastic bottles - so they're out.

    She got very fast at getting the treats out of an everlast fun ball. It does better now as a ball on a string tug toy - a bit like an orbee.

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