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Thread: Recommendation on What Breed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSan View Post
    Thanks so much for all the replies guys, appreciated. I did some more research today, and made a small list of breeds. But I think I'll look into what Billy / Magdalena mentioned, looking at a Shelter or Pet rescue. It's true that a lot of animals need rescuing.

    Just another question. Would it matter whether the dog is a pup or adult, in terms of bonding? E.g Would you have a stronger bond if you raised it since it was a pup etc. Main thing i'm looking for is just a friend, not a guard dog / working dog.
    Hi again, if you go to your private messages you'll see a link i sent you in re. adopting a rescue.
    Maybe a young adult dog would suit you best...or an older pup 8-12 months.
    But like others said it all depends on the dog and once you meet some and spend time with them you'll get a better idea. My 8 month old x breed rescue is better behaved and more loyal and smoochy then my 5 year old staffy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoxerMum View Post
    love that!

    I agree
    i don't

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    Hey there.

    Have you ever considered a Greyhound? Super clean, they are quite fastidious about cleanliness and are great indoors and out. Lovely short coat, looks great but low maintenance and is a single coat with no doggy smell.
    Usually completely laid back, low exercise and not demanding. They are fantastic sleepers! Not yappy or guarders - they welcome everyone and love quiet affection - very smoochy.
    For a big dog they require very little space.

    Best of luck with finding your new friend!

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    Hi there

    Good on you for looking into getting a rescue dog

    Regarding bonding, I got my girl from a shelter just over a year ago - she was about to turn 5. So we haven't had very long together but she is totally devoted to me (and I to her!). I don't think it will matter what age the dog is, you will develop a bond with them regardless.

    Good luck and let us know how you go!

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