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    Hi there doggy patrons, does anyone know if there are any Beauceron dogs in Australia? Any information please!

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    I don't believe there are any breeders in Australia. There may be some pet dogs? But I doubt anyone would pay the costs of importing a dog just to keep them as pets. So probably not.

    You might be better off researching a similar breed and going with that.

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    Just did a bit more research. Seems someone was bringing one in from the Czech republic last year but whether or not they will be breeding in the future I do not know.

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    thanks for the response! I did note the comment of someone (?) who had imported ? a bitch?, but I hadn't heard anything since. They just seemed to have some great qualities, perhaps I shall look at another breed.

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    christine jenkins

    It's often best to get a dog that is bred local to where you are. So visiting a breed conformation show in your state can be a good way to find out who is out there with nice examples of the dog breed you like. And if you go to a show that includes all breeds - you can see lots of different kinds of dogs at once and get a real feel for what is availabe in your state and area and what those dogs are like.

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    Thanks very much, I'll look into it! My husband thinks our "Gilgandra" Pig Dog is still the best, I just need to add to the pack.

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