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Thread: Dog Park Incodent - Really Upsetting

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    I hope you don't think I was having a go at you, as I wasn't it was me being on your side totally.
    I have had this sort of thing happen to me.
    And I am in total agreeance with you.
    And don't let her push you from the park as far as I can see it there is 2 owners here. One is the one(you) how is doing thier best to avoid situations by being responsible.
    And Two the owner who think this place has been put ther for them only to have thier dog run loose and cause trouble.
    We don't have them parks here but I would say my boy would be the one rushing in as he loves all things, and so far hasn't shown a bad side.But I know it is in him as he is one good watchdog.

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    My current dog will play with anyone and anything. My old dog disliked most other dogs. I kept my old dog away from other dogs when needed because I knew she'd otherwise start fights. I keep my new dog away from dogs on leads because I know she might otherwise get bitten by a dog similar to my old dog!

    I think it's a bit like some people with only children. If it's a dream baby, they think it's all due to them being such stellar parents. Until a second one comes along and turns out to be a total nightmare. Then they realise that it's not all their doing, that kids are born with personalities. Some people with sociable dogs might think if another dog is anti-social, it's all their owners fault. They may even think that the owner encouraged that kind of behaviour. They don't see the effort the other dog owner puts into avoiding problems because of their dog's nature. And they often don't see any need to train their dog because "they are friendly".

    It sucks!

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    It's cool rid. I did try to look at it from her perspective. Kept going over ways I could have prevented it. The event was just as stressful on my dog as it was the other, she was probably wondering why I'm not allowing her to protect herself.
    I guess I was in shock more than anything. Being a small fluffy owner myself kept thinking about it, I just couldn't justify bringing a dog like that into the park with a tendancy to run at other dogs and a crappy recall. Might as well let the dog play on the motorway and blame a car when it gets hit.

    It's an off leash area, in an ideal world every dog that enters will be friendly and social. Unfortunately that marginalises people with dogs that don't meet that expectation.

    Dogs that play socially with others aren't necessarily well trained. They're almost always too distracted to listen to their handler.
    I'd prefer a dog that ignored others to be honest. That would be my ultimate goal, you don't let your dogs off lead to 'play' at training, they should be focused on you regardless of the distraction. 'Play' is for the back yard.
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    I know Murphy is a pup at the minute and he has an attention span of a grasshopper.
    I do takeing to a friends place to play with his dog and Murphy gets better with each visit. But being so friendly as you have said it so right. He just doesn't listen to the recall as his mind is totally focused on the play time.
    People do have to understand that not every dog comes intot the world wanting to play.
    Murphy wants to play and this I can see as a down fall if I do not pay full attention to him in the company of other dogs.
    I have seen what a dog is like who doesn't like other dogs near them. We had Lacey who was this way and I had to keep an eagle eye on not her but other dogs. So I know where you are coming from.

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