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    What were the dogs you grew up with?

    I didn't get my first own dog until I was 22-23 which was old mate Sir, rip 09.

    Child hood dogs were a Bassett hound, Blood hound and a little scruffy mix bag of lollies.
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    Our childhood dog was Alex the Border Collie who we picked up from the pound when I was 2. She was a funny dog with northern hemisphere syndrome (her hair got longer in summer and fell out in winter) but she was sweet and she loved us. Poor Alex died from a seizure which I am pretty sure was caused by baiting RIP Alex girl we loved you.

    My first dog I got when I was 17 - She was a Husky X Boxer named Aaliyah but she escaped my parents yard when she was around 12 months old and I never found her. I think she found a new family.

    After that my next dog was Keira who I got at 19 and then Phoenix last year. Both are still with me.

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    The ones I remember...

    -There was Bessie - she was a dingo x APBT x dog lol she was a great old girl - We think she was baited
    -Then "my" first dog Summer, a Australian Cattle dog who had to be put down after doing the deed with the neighbours dogs and him pulling away when they were stuck together :S
    -Then Summer's pup Maddie died from a paralysis tick
    -Then there was Rebel who was an APBT x dog lol he was taken by a taipan
    -Then Jarrah the english staffy who was kicked by a cow/s we think and passed away

    Plus a barrage of Cats, Zeus the ferrel cat was a the most memorable, he thought he was a person!

    I did have a German Shepard x Rotty when I first moved out on my own, but then our living situations changed and he went off to live with my mum, and then Harley was my first real dog on my own!
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    I grew up with two german shorthaired pointers, holly and kody. Holly died nearly 2 years ago. Kody is still around but he's very old and fat now. My mum has a really bad habit of overfeeeding!!!

    Moved out of home and got Buckley. 6 months later Abbie came along. Technically Abbie is mine (as i paid for her) and Buckley, my partners.

    This is Kody and Buckley.. Kody hates my two. He's too old and impatient for young pups. hehe

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    Childhood dogs were always GSD's (2-6), which my Father Bred and trained and always a Rescue or two. My parents loved all dogs. I remember when I was 16, I did volunteer work for the RSPCA and brought home an abused dog, who had been at the vets for a fortnight post operative (fractured skull and 2 broken legs) I asked my parents if we could keep him for another fortnight to get better. When I thought I found him a home, my parents said ''no way"'. Brandy was a much loved member of the family until he was 16. He had my Dad wrapped around his paw, even though he was a heinz variety. He ruled all the GSD's
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    When we first moved to Australia, i was 4. We lived in Canberra in a rented duplex and our neighbors had a Husky named 'Nanook'. I loved that dog like it was my own and i would use him as a wooly pillow and we would both fall asleep on the driveway staring into the sky.

    It wasnt till i was 8, i got my own dog. A black Labrador named 'Storm'. He was my best mate as a young boy and he followed me everywhere. 12 years later was 'Scooby' the Ridgeback and now 'Mojo' the Bullmastiff.

    Other important dogs in my youth where, 'The littlest Hobo', 'Lassie', 'Old Yella' and 'The Dog' from Footrot Flats.
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    Our very first dog was a GSD named Tinka, he was the old style and was on the scene before I was so I don't remember him much but there are lots of photos of him and I together, he died from tick paralysis at age 14. Mum told me Dad brought him home down the front of his motorcycle jacket.

    Then my father found Kelpies, and he started breeding.

    Amongst my favourites was a dog called Stud, he would jump/climb and scramble out of his run and walk me to school, upon me entering the school grounds he would return home and jump back into his run.

    I remember he was mounting his litter mates at age 7 wks so that's how he came by his name, dad hoped he would become a good stud dog and he was.

    He would also jump out of his run when a bitch was in season. Dad would mate one of his chocolate dogs to a chocolate bitch and then there would be black amongst the puppies - not possible, then one day we caught Stud, he would jump out of his run and enter the in season bitches run then return to his own run so we were non the wiser until the pups were born. He got a roof put on his run.

    My mother didn't allow 'big' dogs in the house and always had a Chi as a house dog, or some other little mixed bag of lollies.

    My very first own dog away from home was not until I was 21 and had just bought my own house. She was a Kelpie. Then came another and another and another.
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    The first dog I remember was Sheba, she was a beautifully natured lab bitza who was really good with my brother and I when we were little. She passed away while we were away on holidays, I think my aunty was looking after her, I was quite upset but I don't remember how she passed. Also we had a black and white cat called Tiggy. Next we got Sid Vicious, a bull terrier, and even though he was mistreated by my uncle, who we got him off, he ended up being an awesome dog. Silly as a wheel but ever so affectionate. When I was about 8, our house burnt down and luckily no one was home, but Sid and Tiggy had to be rescued from the house from the firemen because they were looking for us in the house.

    Sid went missing when I was about ten, my folks ran a pub and held a big night, and the next day Sid was missing, we think he was stolen for fighting.

    The next that came along was Pepe (my folks got divorced in there somewhere lol) and he came along when my next brother was about 6mths old. Mum and my stepdad gave in and we were allowed Pepe the chihuahua. Pepe passed away last year at the age of 17...he hated little kids..

    The first dog I got as an adult was Attila, a blue heeler x staffie beautiful dog, but he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away at almost 6yrs
    Then came Jake, siberian husky pup, but unfortunately he had to be surrendered as my marriage had ended and either one of us could take him. The day he was surrendered was a very sad day, so was Attila dying. I couldn't look at his collar for weeks without crying.

    Now I have gorgeous Oskar.

    HAHA, that wasn't as brief as I expected...
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    My mum was a sucker for bringing animals home, but had very little idea of how to look after them. We had dogs, cats, budgies, an African Grey parrot, a tortoise, fish and rabbits. Not all of them together though.

    The first dog I remember was a tiny cocker spaniel pup, who ended up dying from parvo (or something similarly horrible) only a couple of weeks after we got him. Very traumatising.

    So my mum got another one. Who was spoilt rotten, loved tomatoes and coffee with milk and sugar (seriously, my mum gave him that when there were visitors!) and ended up biting one of my sister's friends and was surrendered to the pound. I was about 6 then and I thought the friend bloody deserved it because she had been teasing the dog and shouldn't have been such a dramaqueen about it (she couldn't stand the sight of blood and fainted). I never spoke to her again.

    By then my dad had already had enough of badly behaved dogs and said no more. And I remember going to some byb with my mum one Sunday afternoon and coming home with this tiny poodle/terrier x pup and her putting it on my dad's chest while he was asleep on the couch. She named the dog Duke but because this was in Belgium and us kids didn't speak any English, we pronounced it "Duck". I loved that dog but he was a bit of a terror. He was a nervous sort of dog but pretty clever. I used to play hide and seek with him and act out little plays with him. He was run over by a car when I left the front door open after we came back from a walk. Also pretty traumatising.

    Then I remember some rescue dogs who did not fit in at all. The messed up pekinese who bit everyone in our family and only lasted one month. The labrador from the pound who destroyed our kitchen in a couple of nights (all chair and table legs, the electrical wiring, the flyscreen door...) and had to be brought back because we just did not have the time or skill to deal with his behaviour.

    By then my stepdad had moved in with us and he had always had GSDs as a child, so we got our first GSD. Who was pretty well trained and loved to chase trains. He died fairly young of cancer. Then followed another GSD, named Kazan, who ended up going to work with my stepdad when he was a security guard. He died a few years after I moved out.

    Sorry that was so long! Great question to answer.

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    We had Lady when I was born... not sure what she was.. but she died when I was about 3.. Then we got Tina who was a fox terrier cross..

    When I was about 11 we got two Maltese X Shit Tzu's named Bonnie and Soxy, they were brother and sister.

    Now I have my baby Luna!
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