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Thread: Child Hood Dogs

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    when I was growing up I had a yorky cross aussie named "whimpy", when I was in my teens I had a APBT named "sooky dog", now we have "bully" for my boys to grow up with.

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    My first was a black minature poodle named Mandy given to me on my first birthday.
    Growing up in a new suburb of Melbourne in the 70's Mandy i wandered up and down the street visting all of our friends for years. My parents even knew which friends house i was at as Mandy would be waiting in front of thier house for me, no leads, no training just all natural instinct.
    She even survived the horror of being tied to the towbar of a car by a 4yo with no understanding of the consequences of his actions. Its does sound horrible and no doubt it would have been but she survived it unscathed as my mum had only driven a short distance.
    Mandy lived to 13 years and the saddest part was i never got to bury her, she just disappeared as a very old 13 yo dog.
    Mandy also had 3 dogs come and go whilst she was with us, Dutchess a GSDx who had to be put down due to biting, Penny another x breed ( who used to tow me everywhere on my skateboard) lost/stolen, and Mitsi a jack russell.

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    When I was born King was in my family (half collie, half German shepherd).
    He had the look of a sable collie, however had a shorter nose like a German Shepherd a beautiful boy. He used to sleep with one paw over me at all times to protect me, and his name was my first word as a baby! I was a dog lover since birth.
    After King passed away, and many years later when I was ready to help look after a puppy. My family welcomed into our lives Shadow, a purebred tri-colour collie. We were inseperable till day one, we grew up together. He is no longer with me, but I think about him every single day (some days are harder than others of course).

    When my partner and I welcome a little puppy into our life next year, it will either be a samoyed, golden retriever or border collie

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    Di and I had a few dogs during our childhood. One named Snowy- we saw a dog come into our yard one day, walking on his hind legs across the lawn. The circus had been in town so we figured he came from there. He had a few good years with us. Jed, a black lab. We had a fenced yard, but he was teased a lot through it by the aboriginal children from the reserve nearby. Became too protective of Di and I. Got out one day and met us at the bus stop.Someone shoved us down the stairs of the bus and ended up on his back with an angry dog pinning him by the shoulders. Had to be pts. Sonny was our cocker spaniel, and he lived with us till old age. He was a real sweetheart.

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    Our first dog when I was a kid was A Rotti but I was a bit young to remember her properly.

    The first dog I remember completely was Orion...

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    We had a GSD named Sam when I was a kid. He used to sleep outside my bedroom door in the passage way, to protect me from my step father. I loved his velvet ears.
    My brothers ex girlfriend offered to look after him when he had to go away and when he came back, the poor old dog had been kept under the house and starved for weeks. He had to be PTS because he was so sick
    If I ever see that girl I think I may get violent.

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