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Thread: RSPCA Million Paws Walk - Victoria, Mornington Peninsula

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    Exclamation RSPCA Million Paws Walk - Victoria, Mornington Peninsula

    Hello all doggy lovers and owners
    I got Marshall on the 19th of October, Meaning i havnt had him all that long. (8 months to be exact)
    I had a best friend who had 2 little dogs (1 sausage dog x jack russel and 1 cavelier king charles spaniel) and we always used to say we'de do the paws walk, and as i didnt have a dog, i would walk amy (the charles spaniel) and she would walk eddie. (sausage) We never ended up walking it though.

    And ever since i was little i had always nagged for a dog, but dad said no.
    So you cant imagine the joy and happiness i felt when i asked mum if we could do it and she said yes, and i could walk my very own dog!
    i think today has been the highlight of my month, but it wont stay my highlight for long, as the walk is in a few weekends and that will surly beat today!

    only, im just a bit nervous of his reaction about all the other dogs and Marshall, as he isnt very expirenced with other dogs, but i'll post another blog on that.


    Off and out
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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    Good on you for being so keen and definately a worthy cause.

    I am looking forward to the Million Paws Walk near us (this will be our first one too!)...I'm sure I'll have a fun time holding my girl back from wanting to play with all the other dogs (build up my arm muscles, she so big and strong...yikes!).

    If Marshall gets a bit frightened..can you pick him up? If not, try to stay on the outside or to the back so he's not so crowded in and he also wont feel so overwhelmed...especially by the bigger dogs.

    Hope you all have a fun day

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    Thanks for your reply Ozeymum !

    Luckily Marshall is little enough to pick up whenever he gets to roudy.
    i think this will be a great experience for marshall to get to know a lot of other dogs and just to have a bit of fun puppy style.

    have a nice day
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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