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Thread: "Hunt" Instinct

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beau View Post
    My personal experience is that it varies between individual dogs, for instance old Sir the instinct never manifested at all, I had a Ridgy called mondo and hers appeared at 12 weeks old the day I brought her home with the chasing and flattening with her paw of a duckling. Duckling survived thank dog. Star was around the 2 year mark when she sighted a possum and went berko trying to get at it.
    That's true. Buckley has always had a high prey drive. Abbie on the other hand couldn't care less about my rabbit. She's more interested in trying to steal hay out of the hutch. The only other animal that really gets her going is birds. Other than that, her only interest is constant cuddles from humans

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    with my experience with terriers, as soon as they are walking around they have it

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    The people over the back have two chooks that used to fly into the yard, and as soon as we got Oskar at about 11 weeks of age he was showing interest and wanted to check them out. Its gotten to the point where we have to reinforce our side of the fence as he tries to get into the neighbours yard. He hasn't hurt them as yet but I don't want to wait and see what happens. I reckon they develop their instincts quite early.

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    Frosty will chase everything if I let her.

    She's cornered rabbits, cats, a rat, mice barks at them but won't kill them.

    She's dug up crickets and they get damaged - but I guess it's hard for a dog not to when all she has is paws and mouth.

    She's been the same from when she was tiny. I have trained her not to chase joggers, bikes, cars etc but sometimes she forgets herself.

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