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Thread: Food Obsessed Labradors

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    But Beloz I bet you couldnt resist this face!


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    That is why we have some awesome heeling labradors at our Club.......Always hoping for a possible reward
    Pets are forever

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    Luna heeled like mad for Devon at training the other day... Our Trainer let us try it because she thought she might like it.. I've never seen her be so good..

    I don't make a habit of treating other dogs unless I know them.. I often have dogs at my treat bag though and I just ignore them until they go away.

    If people ask to treat Luna, well, when she is around of course, if she isn't off letting other dogs chase her, I generally say it's ok, but it depends on the treats and the person...

    Lots of people usually just want a quick pat..
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    Frosty goes around and "dobs in" every person carrying treats, and then does a lovely "paddle dance" for them in the hopes of getting one. Ideally they ask me and I tell them not to give her one unless she can hold a "drop" for them. Otherwise - she ups the anti from paddle dance (in a sit) to jumping on them, head butting their hand to dislodge treats and generally being a PITA. There is one lady I refer to as "the treat lady" and when I see her, Frosty goes on lead. That woman is an A grade distraction. Good for proofing but Frosty isn't there yet. She carries dried liver treats and kibble and just chucks handfuls everywhere for all the dogs. Haven't seen her in a while. Wonder if she's ok.

    I won't give treats to standard poodles, labs, beagles any dog that growls at another dog, fat dogs, or dogs with extremely bad recall.

    Ok I fess I trained a few of my friends dogs to recall to me instead of charging off agressively at that really big dog over there. And just to prove to them that yelling at their dog when it finally came back isn't a good way to get a recall off something exciting.
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