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Thread: Is This Not a Strange Post?

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    Default Is This Not a Strange Post?

    Wanted: pup which has strong guard dog instincts if its a cross it should be free unless it has its microchip and vaccination certificates oh and proof that it has been "vet checked" thanks

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    Yeah thats a bit odd?! lol where was that posted?

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    I guess, the mindsets of people vary, so strange to me may not be strange to another.

    When I read something like that I think; Person is looking for a natural instinct guardian breed to fulfil a role as family guardian, they are not interested in paying money for a X'ed breed unless it has been taken care of buy it's breeder and is of sound health.

    It could be worded a lot better IMO.
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    It does sound like a strange post, but each to their own.

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