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Thread: Stolen Dog Found

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadielee87 View Post
    I'm like this as well, only because at our old house our neighbours told us people steal dogs like Harley for dog fighting so I shouldn't let anyone see him! I am suspect of every derro man that looks at him now! lol
    When strangers ask how much I paid for Ruby I automatically get on the deffensive and think they are out to steal her.

    I remember we were at the markets once and this guy kept asking about the price and I just kept saying she was "Enough" and brushing it off. He was very pushy and made me very paranoid. I kept seeing him while we were walking so was convinced he was following us so we left and I stood by the car with my "Wacking stick" I keep in my car while the other half Put Ruby and the kids inside.

    In my head this guy was going to rob me for my dog and I was going to have to beat him half to death LMAO

    Needless to say he didnt follow us to the car and the other half called me a crazy bitch the whole care ride home!!

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    Yep silly women for leaving her dog tied up outside a shopping centre and not within sight.

    I am like Peter don't leave them tied up out of sight because of possibility of dog being stirred/upset and biting someone (this happened with a bullmastiff and a child not long ago and the dog was PTS because of his stupid owner) or being taken/stolen.

    I have never left my dog unattended outside a shopping centre, the most I have done is tied them up within sight so I could go inside a bakery/fish and chip shop to get food. But most of the time I just get someone to come out to me and take my order...

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    I am a lot more trusting of people than most. And I do tie my dog up outside the local shops. I will also allow my child to stay outside the same shops when I go in to ride her bike around or play on the steps, even though like everyone I have read the stories of kids being abducted.

    I also never lock the doors of my house and very often don't lock my car.

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    Probably a little safer where you are Beloz and not everyone is the same, this isn't the first theft of a dog or even that type of dog in the last 12 months in that area though either, personally it isn't what I would be doing and most likely never will be. Same as children some aren't even allowed to get dirty and I use to make mud pies with my son (just NEVER in Darwin), some let their kids wander around Bali unsupervised personally I never did. As with everything it is fine as long as the risks don't outweigh the whole experience and you are willing to live with the consequence of your actions and not make others pay for your mistakes
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