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Thread: Help! I'm So Scared of Loosing My Baby, My Best Friend !

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    Default Help! I'm So Scared of Loosing My Baby, My Best Friend !

    My bf and I have been living in our new apartment unit for about 2 years, (My bf is the house owner) along with our 1.5 year old westie .

    My dog is NOT a barking dog and only go out for walks on the weekends. We have been living happily and never had a problem caused by our dog. Recently, there were a few new tenants moved in with their dogs, in which one or two of them has a barking issue.

    Today we have received a 2nd warning letter to remove our pet or else we'll be fined up to $500-5000 !Apparently, my boy is being mistakend being the barking dog !

    Which is so not fair and upsetting.. I don't know what to do, I can't give up my dog...he's not my dog, he's my boy!

    why do I have to do that when all the distraction is caused by someone else's dog? Where's the Australian humanity and love for animals gone? And that I'm sure noises outside from bycassing cars are far more distracting

    I just dont know what to do...
    Please help me..and my boy...

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    If you are under a body corporate it doesn't matter WHO owns the house. However, if you believe this is a mistake contact your local council.

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    Sorry no idea what you could do. But hope it works out okay.

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    Hard situation when there's many dogs in one big place...Maybe you should go and visit the other long term residents who know your dog isn't the barker and see if they will write out a quick reference that you can forward to the council, (or have a petition kind of thing drwn up so they just have to sign it).You are really going to have to keep on them (the council or whoever is sending you the letters) to prove your boy is innocent.

    All the best

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