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Thread: Beware of Cheap Leather Products Made in China

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    Default Beware of Cheap Leather Products Made in China

    A friend told me about this article raising that fake Ugg Boots from China are made out of dog leather and fur. I remember a program on TV from a few years back, that showed how cats are being slaughtered brutally for leather and fur. This TV show goes back at least 10 years but the sight of these caged cats waiting for their turn is still haunting me.

    Nowadays the use of dogs is apparently growing more popular.

    Here is the full article:
    Radio Australia:Connect Asia:Storyogs 'skinned alive' for fake ugg boots

    In the article is an audio file that's pretty graphic. I wouldn't click on that if I weren't absolutely sure that I could stomach it. I knew what it was and did not listen to it. It's the screaming of a dog skinned alive. I'm haunted only by the thought of it

    DON'T BUY CHEAP LEATHER OR FUR PRODUCTS. And if you absolutely have to ... at least make sure it's not from China

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    I try not to buy "made in china", especially anything that has to be eaten, even by your pets. And just because I hate the way their government just does not care.

    And I have heard and seen previous stories/footage about cats and dogs over there
    Pets are forever

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    I don't buy anything made in China if I can help it. There seems to be no control over what happens there. You can't trust what their foodstuffs have been exposed m too, human excrement and banned chemicals. They've taken to shipping the goods to New Zealand, repacking and then shipping to Aus as a product of New Zealand. China sips a lot of cheap plastic products to Aus made of Pthalytes that have been banned in the UIS and Europe but not here. Go figure. China were also putting melamine in pet food for export and powdered milk as it increases the protein content and therefore the value. A few Chinese children got sick from the melamine and a few died. Thousands of US dogs were exposed to Chinese dry food and there are no figures for how many go sick. The easiest thing is to read all labels and buy nothing from China.
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