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    HOMELESS people's pets are set to get a leg up with soup kitchens across Sydney distributing pet food.

    The RSPCA Living Ruff program, which kicked off yesterday, will see the pets of homeless people fed at various Exodus Foundation shelters across the city.

    "Homeless people will often go without food themselves in order to ensure their pet is fed," RSPCA spokeswoman Fiona Millhouse said in a release yesterday.

    "We believe both pets and people should have easy access to food ... hopefully (this program) will ensure that neither pet nor owner goes hungry."

    Exodus Foundation founder Reverend Bill Crews said pets are often the only stable attachments homeless people have.

    "The more homeless people know there are services available designed to look after their pets, the more secure they'll feel in what is, for them, an insecure, scary world," he said.

    The RSPCA is seeking to expand the program to include emergency boarding, foster care and access to vets among other services.

    Dr Rose Searby specialises in human-animal studies and homelessness. She is the founder of HELPP which aims to help homeless people keep ownership of, maintain the health of, and keep living with their companion animals. Rose can be contacted at or 0421 052 471.

    Dr Rose has been instrumental as a driving force and lobbiest behind endevours such as the RSPCA program.
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    What a worthwile program!

    I know a dog who used to belong to a homeless guy. His owner died and this lady I know adopted him. Pretty well behaved dog. Except that he punctured some holes into my dog in a fight over her food bowl once. But that's kind of understandable and my dog wasn't exactly the caring kind...

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    That is something to cheer about
    Pets are forever

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    There's this homeless guy in Sydney CBD who has a small short haired dog. I think it's a chihuahua, I forgot. The dog has a collar, leash and a fabricated crate. Despite being homeless himself, he still gives his dog somewhere to sleep in. I hope he benefits from this program.

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