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Thread: How Did You Get Yr Dogs to Accept People in the House

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    Thanks to everyone

    I best have a big fat chook in the fridge
    .... and work it and work it SLOWLY.

    If I can get a prep run. I will do this, too.

    Maybe take the dog with me to my Yoga Studio and get my hubbie to treat him when he accepts the students. -did that way back- worked .... but something happened in betwen and he has become a lot lot louder.

    I have never had anybody stay overnite.
    And we are certain, my husband will take the dogs out and sleep in my flat at the studio. My friends are dear to my heart but unfortunately got nothing in mind with dogs. Can only get so much of their goodwill.
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    If you know the dog is going to go ballistic if you open the door, don't open the door. Put the dog where he can't get to the door, until he can be at the door sitting calmly. And yes, it definitely helps if you can find somoene willing to take some time over this. Several different someones.

    If my dog is going ballistic, if its a friend, I make them back up and I take the dog through the door and wait for her to calm down before I allow any greeting, and it's out the front because when she was a puppy she'd pee with excitment and I'd rather have that outside.

    If its someone I don't know and don't want to know - like a door to door salesman, I hold her all ballistic and ask them to go away. She's quite good at encouraging them them to leave.

    With some peole I want to invite in, I either shut her out the back, or I don't open the door until she's sitting nicely, though l let the people know I'm there and will be with them "in a minute". If she gets up when I open the door, I shut it again. Until I can open the door with her staying sitting.

    It's good to practice this with doors generally. Like the back door. Ie nice sit, open door, maintain sit, get released, get up without permission then get door shut before can get out.

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