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    Hello I am new to the Dog Forum.
    I have two dogs. A 3 1/2 year old Male. He is a bull terrier crossed with a Kelpie (Australian Cattle dog, 18kg). And a 2 1/2 year old Female. She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with something else (15kg). We had the male when he was about 6 months old and then introduced the Female about a year later. The two dogs get on the majority of the time but do occasionaly fight. Just yesterday I left the house with my wife and the two dogs still inside. I forgot something so re-entered the house a minute later and the Female dog (Josie) attacked the Male (Jimmy). I broke up the fight but in the process got bitten on the leg. Josie is instigating each fight they have. And once the fight is broken up she is pulling to get to Jimmy to continue fighting. Originally they would fight over food and still do. But lately it does not have to involve food. It appears that the female is on edge and obviously has an aggresive streak which we need to find out how to remedy. After each fight we usually seperate the dogs for approx half an hour. Once we re-introduce them the female looks like she shows remorse and licks the Males fight wounds and his private parts. I think that she is trying to exert her dominance over Jimmy and is maybe confused over her place in the pecking order in the house. I hope someone can help with our problem as we hope to have children soon and this not a good enviroment.

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    Well firstly Welcome and good for you for looking for a solution I am sorry you got bitten......
    I really think you need to get help from someone who can be right there and see what is happening,
    I would see if you can find a behaviorist/Trainer to work with you. Once dogs get into a fighting routine, it will take quite a bit of work to stop it,
    I purely speak from personal experience here. having had two bitches fighting at home about three and half years ago. And I thought I had a lot of experience with dogs, because I worked with Rescue dogs and did Obedience Trialling........And it escalating to one nearly getting killed. They get on well now, but we have very strict order in our household of four large dogs. The dog that initially started all the problems did not come to us as a puppy, she was 14 month old with a very checkered history (mistreated)
    I found a good behaviourist /trainer at the time and have since done a lot of work-shops, Seminars, Courses and work to get the peace at home.My two dogs and I traveled quite a bit to learn and now teach......
    But I just don't think it is something that can be dealt with on-line, long-distance.
    Good luck.
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    Dogs that are remotely food driven should be fed separately (or trained rigorously to ignore one another) , especially when it's the cause of fights. SBTs are not very dog friendly. Absolutely adore people but generally do not get along well with others of their kind.

    However, staffies are incredibly loud when they play and often growl and snarl and bare teeth. They're also generally pretty clumsy. Is it possible they were actually playing or was the attack serious? If it were serious, you'd do best to get a behaviourist in now before any real injuries.

    Worse come to worse, she would have to be rehomed into a household without other pets. However, I'd wait to see what the behavourist says first making any decisions.

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    best idea would be to a professional in to take a look. they will pick up things that you won't and things we can't see over the internet as well as SHOWING you what you can do and making sure your doing it right.

    fighting is a serious issue and most of the time it will escalate rather than get better on its own. call someone before it escalates
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    Thanks for all your comments. I have since got a behavorist i who has given us some helpful tips to correct the fighting. Luckily the dogs have not fought since last Friday so hopefully they are on the right road.

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    I am with what has been be told already.
    There is no need for anyone else to add to it.

    Apart from the welcome to the forum.
    And we all hope that some how you get this worked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmydolbel View Post
    Thanks for all your comments. I have since got a behavorist i who has given us some helpful tips to correct the fighting. Luckily the dogs have not fought since last Friday so hopefully they are on the right road.
    That is good news! Hope it all works out.

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