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Thread: Ticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by newfsie View Post
    Ewwwww MAC, that many ticks. Bless this area, no ticks

    I would think that you might be better off letting off a flea bomb, not that I profess to be an expert at all. The thought of them being around would just give me the willys
    Yes what I wouldn't do to be finally free of ticks. It's why as much as I love my Borzoi I will only have one at a time because of the coat. The Whippets you can spot them on, the coat kicks up and I guess I just know what to look for now.

    I have a litter of 7 week old puppies and I've removed 2 ticks of two different pups. Both very tiny ticks and the pups had no reaction though as they are now wondering far and wide from the house they are sprayed with frontline.

    I would love to live somewhere like Canberra that doesn't have ticks, though I'd hate the cold.

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    We do get ticks in SA. Not the paralyis kind unless one hitched a ride in on a recently arrived dog.

    Just don't notice them much. Really didn't notice them much until we did that camping trip to the Kimberleys.

    There are other reasons in SA to avoid letting your dogs run in long grass in any season but winter.

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