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Thread: Lepto Vaccination - Dog Import to Oz

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    Default Lepto Vaccination - Dog Import to Oz

    Hi all,

    Has anyone had experience or nows someone IRT bringing their dog into Australia that has previously been given the leptospira vaccination?

    We are originally from Australia and currently residing in Malaysia and returning back home at the end of next year. We brang our cocker spaniel with us and it was recommended from our vet in Australia he does NOT receive the leptospira vaccination as it may come up in his final blood tests and thus cause delay or even ineligibility to return home. Unfortunately yesterday the vet in Malaysia gave him the leptospira vaccination and now I'm investigating the possibility that it will still be in his system (14 months later) and that it would be unacceptable to AQIS ie above the 1:800.

    Has anyone in the forum imported to Oz their dogs with a history of the vaccination? If so how long prior to importing the dog did you stop giving vaccinations? There is a couple of Pet transport companies who recommend that they cease leptospira vaccinations 6 months prior to importing to Australia, but I'm unsure of this is legit.

    The Malaysian vet indicates that the level should go down below the required level from AQIS in 14 months but I do not trust what he says.

    Thoughts or experiences? Hopefully this will not be an issue for us....


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    I am sure that in 14 months you will be fine....

    Perhaps get a letter from the vet who gave him the jab just in case

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    Yes letter form the vet might always help. And get it now, whilst it has just been done and is fresh in everyones mind. maybe even get it counter signed by someone else there. you can never overdo things when it comes to quarantine. Good luck for when you come back. And great of you to take your dog everywhere
    Pets are forever

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