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Thread: What Second Dog to Chose

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    Are the Victorians are a little paranoid about bull breeds?
    Yes they just passed a law that allows any authorised officer including police but mostly council rangers to seize anything that they say looks like a bull breed, and if it's not registered in Victoria - have it PTS. There is an appeal process but it's so slow that even if you win, your dog will die of old age before you get it back.

    Bull breeds with pedigree papers from ANKC, or letters from vet to state it is a particular breed AND registered in Victoria in the council area where the dog is at right now - are exempt. Unless they try to attack someone and then they're in trouble - same as anywhere.

    It's the worst written law ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by margoo View Post
    Ehm. Yes. Are the Victorians are a little paranoid about bull breeds? When we were in Lorne Nero barked at a few young guys who came a little too close for his liking (the fact that they were drunk, loud and sneaked up on his back didn't help). Anyway... Nero does really look like a Lab - most people think he is a purebreed. i mean he has floppy ears for goodness sake! But one of the guys pointed his finger at him and exclaimed with great certainty: 'Hey guys, look... this is a Pitbull !'. I mean what the ....!!
    No most Victorians aren't it's just the ones that are loud and in Gov who are. LOL we have a pure bred Bull Terrier and he still gets called a "pitbull"

    If you do get a dog that looks even more like a "pitbull" then our BT looks make sure that you can prove what breed it is before crossing the border or you could find yourself in a lot of trouble as the onus is on the owner to prove it isn't a "pitbull" where as the ranger etc can class it as a "pitbull" for ticking enough "looks like" boxes on the ID, we already have a friend with a Lab x Boxer who was told her dog would be classed as a "pitbull" by a ranger.
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    I had a first dog with a few problems.
    At 12 months we got a puppy and we ended up with a heap of NEW/different problems.
    It was/is nerve wrecking at times and hard work. Two young dogs, I mean.

    The 2nd dog, which came to us as a puppy, however, was not influenced by the fear and insecurity of the first.
    If anything: she -the younger- taught HIM, e.g. how to swim and how to be naughty.
    I would not do this again. Rather wait a bit longer, till I get a second dog.
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    I am with the thoughts that if you get another dog/pup what the 1st on is doing may well rub off on the new one.
    If it was me I would make more steps towards getting number one right before bring in number two.
    Like I said this is what I would do, and these are my personal views on it at this time.

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    IMO a puppy could still be an option. I agree that a pup can learn behaviours from the older dog but I think there are things that can be done to reduce the risk of that happening.

    Find a breeder who doesn't allocate pups to their new homes until they are 8 weeks old and their temperaments can be perfectly matched to their new homes. There are some basic personality tests that can be done at that age (can be found online). Also ask detailed questions about the parents temperaments and meet them if possible. You want the parents to be outgoing and confident, not timid, nervous or aggressive.

    If you get a pup, take it out separately to your other dog to start with. Go to puppy preschool and obedience classes.

    I have an older rescue dog and a younger dog from a breeder. My rescue dog has some interesting quirks, in particular fears... my younger girl hasn't picked up on any of those. At 8 weeks old her personality was already quite obvious. She was confident and liked exploring, was submissive in general but would stand up to her brothers, loved playing with the kids and snuggling. She does follow and copy our other dog a lot but we have spent so much time training them separately that nothing adverse seems to have come from it.

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